What You Can or Cannot Carry to the Flight in Accordance to Thai VietJet Baggage Allowance

Understanding about Thai VietJet baggage allowance will not exclude understanding about what you can and cannot carry while flying. Shortly said, getting to know the restrictions will help you to get only the best experience since you’ll have nothing from your stuff getting confiscated.

Such restrictions, especially for Thai airlines, are ruled out by Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT). This is a national scale bureau; hence it can be said that all Thai airlines will be subject to their issued provisions, one of them being baggage allowance. For some, this kind of restrictions may not be a good sign given that they are limited from taking along their stuff. But remind you, the security of a flying airline is important for everyone taking the flight. This article will give you relevant information about Thai VietJet baggage allowance and restrictions for either carry-on or checked baggage.

List of Things You Can and Cannot Bring Along While Flying with Thai VietJet Air

As earlier stated, all flights are commonly following the rule set by aviation authority bureau about baggage allowance, including Thai VietJet Air. Baggage allowance itself is a broad topic to blabber about; ranging from the maximum size and weight of your baggage, to listing down things that you can bring while having a flight.

It can be said this kind of provision is a strict one, given that it deals with passengers and crews’ security while taking the aircraft. Once they’ve found that you are bringing dangerous thing—even just one, it may result in confiscation.

Therefore, what are the things you can bring and cannot bring while flying Thai VietJet Air? Literally anything other than the ones listed below is allowed to bring even in the form of either baggage cabin or checked baggage.

  1. Liquid restrictions on Thai VietJet Air

According to some sources, you can carry liquids not in checked baggage. That said, you need to bring it along with you as long as the liquid complying with this rule:

  • It is not any dangerous liquids mentioned in further information.
  • The liquid must be on-hand with individual containers that should not surpassing 100 ml.
  • The containers for such liquid should be brought in a clear zip-top, resealable bag, or simple plastic which capacity should not exceed one liter.
  • These plastic bags may subject to opening in security zones and will be discarded given that it doesn’t meet the aforementioned requirement.


  1. Other Prohibited Items

Aside from liquid restriction that is listed down in Thai VietJet baggage allowance, various prohibited items are listed down as follows:

  • Lithium batteries which are over 160-watt hours
  • Biological products and infectious substances. For travelling with your canine or furry fellow, you may ask the airline representative.
  • Poisonous chemicals such as cyanide, weed killers, insecticides, and arsenic.
  • Organic peroxides as in fertilizers and resins.
  • Radioactive materials, such as radium.
  • Corrosive materials, including any solutions and equipment that uses it to function; such as mercury, thermometer, alkali, and acid.
  • Refrigerating gas as in liquid nitrogen.
  • Flammable liquids, such as thinners, kerosene, or solvents.
  • Explosives and flammable or inflammable gases; such as lighter refills, butane gas, and aerosol paints. You should not bring room perfume spray as well—given it is basically gas compacted in a spray bottle.
  • Flammable items, such as cigar lighters, strike-anywhere matches, fireworks, wet batteries (accumulator), etc.
  • Any stunning devices; such as stun batons, stun guns, and animal stunner.
  • Self-defense sprays as in acid spray and tear gas.
  • Electric mosquito racquet.
  • Sharp object and weapons

You may start to wonder whether all the aforementioned items, according to Thai VietJet baggage allowance, are forbidden to be taken as cabin baggage and checked baggage. In fact, not all items are shooed out from cabin, and not all items are objected from resting as a checked baggage.

  1. Items prohibited as cabin baggage
  • Fuel containers with flammable liquid fuel
  • Batteries, be it lithium or wet batteries – this may risk of getting burned.
  • Thermometer
  • Any weapons, ammunition, and sharp objects – these objects are ‘restricted’ and you may be prompted to provide a reason why you need to bring it. In many cases, you may end up having the object totally prohibited or put into checked baggage.
  • Blunt instruments as in baseball bats, pool cues, golf clubs, hockey sticks, rackets, fishing rods, selfie monopod, etc. may be restricted from bringing to cabin. As an option, you’ll be prompted to put it into your checked baggage.


  1. Items prohibited from checked baggage
  • Alcoholic beverage. It is basically allowed as cabin baggage as long as it doesn’t exceed specific concentration and is not surpassing the maximum volume set.
  • E-cigarettes, also allowed as cabin baggage as long as it isn’t used while onboard and the owner perform individual protection to prevent it from activation.
  • Any type of batteries (wet/dry)
  • Any explosive and/or flammable agents, especially the bottled ones. That said, it is safer not to bring it all at once. The option is therefore to ship it using cargo services.


  1. Items prohibited from cabin and checked baggage:
  • Internal combustion or fuel cell engines
  • Lithium batteries
  • Oxygen or air/gaseous cylinders for any purposes
  • Cash bags, cash boxes, in which it incorporates dangerous goods
  • Any biological agents/specimens
  • Stunning/electro shock devices

So those are some information regarding Thai VietJet baggage allowance; especially related to things that you can and cannot bring while taking a flight using this airline. Sounds like a lot to note down – and it doesn’t even contain all things provisioned. But knowing the basic will help you to avoid getting your things refused by the airline—be it for cabin baggage or checked baggage.