Kota Tua, Witness the History of the Indonesian Nation

Kota Tua Jakarta has always been a favorite destination for residents of Jakarta and its surroundings. The uniqueness of the typical building in ancient times became a favorite destination for fellow travelers who visited to hang out or take pictures.

What are the famous buildings there? let’s see what’s next!!!!

Museum Fatahillah

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This historical center is a symbol of the Old Town. The structure is planned and painted without changing the verifiable side. Amigo explorers can see a huge number of assortments of verifiable things which are the previous relics of the Padjajaran and Tarumanegara realms. In this historical center, there is likewise a jail found underground.

Cafe Batavia

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With an ordinary structure design with pioneer times, this bistro truly draws in the consideration of individual explorers. The climate of the bistro improved with yellow lights with the verifiable foundation of the city of Batavia in its time makes this spot appropriate for espresso to take pictures.

Toko Merah

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This Old Town Tour is the most seasoned working in the Old City. This building is a quiet observer to the awfulness of the Chinese ethnic slaughter in 1740. The shop displays craftsmanship shows, meetings and exhibitions. The exceptionally striking structure makes this spot can be utilized as a photograph background, both easygoing photographs, and Pre-Wedding.

Kali Besar

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During the frontier time, this huge stream turned into a way for boats conveying flavors to the Sunda Kelapa port. right now, the region has been redesigned and resumed in 2018. There, there are many intriguing spots that can be visited to be utilized as a foundation for taking pictures.